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This website details our story and the resulting effort to free the citizens of NH from an archaic zoning ordinance that takes away their property rights.  This zoning ordinance is a form of eminent domain and called Involuntary Lot Merging.


SB 406- Eliminates Involuntary Lot Merging State Wide!

Our State Legislators have banned this unconstitutional practice for everyone in our great state.  It was an AMAZING sight to see.  April 28th 2010 will be a day that will go down in our states history.  The vote to over rule the Interim Study recommendation (basically kill the bill) was only by 7 votes but then the Patriots lead by Patten, Sterling, Cristler and Cunningham sprung into action with an amendment.  Once the amendment was adopted the bill passed by 99 votes!  What a day!  It was a glorious moment to know that no one will endure this yoke of oppression any longer.

Socialism has been stopped in our Live Free or Die State  SB 406 has passed!

SB406-2010 was supported by:  The NH Liberty Alliance, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers, The FreeState Project, The NH Shoreland Guardians and the NH Association of Realtors

See Examples of Involuntary Lot Merging Here:

NOW PART II - Success AGAIN!  HB 316 has passed and was allowed to become law.   This legislation will allow owners to UNMERGE upon THEIR request (not the governments).  This legislation was absolutely necessary as a follow on to SB406-2010.  See why HERE


Involuntary Lot Merging is when two adjacent non conforming lots come into common ownership.  When this happens towns through this zoning ordinance cause them to be merged together thus denying the property owner the right to use those lots independently.  This merging is done involuntarily and without notice to the property owner and not recorded anywhere in the town records, registry of deeds or in any form of notification.  Owners only find out when they go to develop their property or try to sell their property.  This means that they no longer have individual lots that can be sold or developed.

What does this do to property owners?  It denies them to right to sell and develop their land.

Why do towns do this?  Under the misguided notion that all non conformancies in land use should be quickly eliminated towns created the concept of lot merging.    When a town increases lot size, frontage requirements or slope requirements lots created under the previous requirements become non conforming.

What about grandfathering?  It is denied…and that is what we are trying to restore.  If a neighborhood has been developed a family should be able to own adjacent lots without the fear of loosing their property.  Lost property rights have happened to many families who have purchased adjacent lots in older neighborhoods hoping to hand these lots down through their family.  Towns are denying this right by taking away the individual lot status of these properties.

What are Zoning Ordinances for?  ZO’s are planning and land use regulations to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the community.  They are not meant to bully property owners and to deny vested rights.  Municipalities have used Involuntary merging as a cruel means of cheating property owners in older neighborhoods.  Volunteer Planning and Land Use boards are often ignorant of the true damage that this ordinance can do to land values.  Towns that implement involuntary merging are often besieged with lawsuits and high legal costs.  In addition these towns lose the taxable revenue from these individual lots.